DEC 3-8, 2018




DFA: Design for Asia


Dec 06


VENUE: Theatre 2

Themes and Topics

SIMON BEE – Airport Terminals for the Renaissance Traveler
No longer the functional boxes they once were. Airports across the world are evolving to become far more passenger focused. Integrated, interactive and sensorial, these new environments create convenience and experience unimagined a few years ago, with lessons learned from parallel advances in technology, hospitality, leisure and retail industries. Simon Bee, Global Design Director at Benoy, takes a look at some pioneering developments at Singapore Changi Airport.


ANDREW DENT – Materials for Design: The Next 10 Years
Marshalling the experience of working with the world’s biggest and most innovative brands over the last two decades, Material ConneXion has a unique understanding of the trajectory that materials have taken in the development of the design of the products we use every day. This presentation will provide background through the explanation of how and why some materials were chosen for iconic products, and give insight and some predictions about what material we will be using for in the coming decade, and beyond.


SHOJI OSHIO – Design for Connecting the Heart of Prayer


YUKIHARU TAKEMATSU – Designer’s Mindset for Design 3.0:Big, Deep, Open
The project represents the beginning of innovations for Tokyo 2020 and offers a place for disabled and able-bodied athletes to produce together new values and new creations. It is highly significant that such facility was realized, not by the government’s initiative but by the limited group of the private sector. I will be presentation about the stadium will be a standard of future architecture for socially contributing activities.

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Simon Bee

Managing Director - Global Design ∙ Benoy ∙ HK

Ida Sze & Billy Chan

Partners ∙ Ida&Billy Architects Ltd. ∙ HK

Andrew Dent

Executive Vice-President, Research, Material ConneXion®; ∙ Chief Material Scientist, SANDOW ∙ US

Joshua Ng

Director ∙ Twins Kitchen ∙ HK

Shoji Oshio

Architect ∙ UA architects ∙ Japan

Yukiharu Takematsu

Architect / CEO ∙ YUKIHARU TAKEMATSU + E.P.A ∙ Japan

Izen Tu

Creative Director ∙ I'DER Visual Image Design ∙ Taiwan


Amy Chow

Independent Curator, Art Director and Researcher ∙ HK