DEC 3-8, 2018




Plenary II


Dec 07


VENUE: Hall 3G

Themes and Topics

TOYO ITO – Replacing the notion of “segregation” with “connection”
Asian cities and architecture historically opened up to the natural environment and maintained an intimate relationship with nature. However, modernist ideology, in contrast, introduced the idea that artificial environments (that do not depend on the natural environment) can be created utilizing rapidly progressing industrial technologies in the 20th century. As a result, many cities in Asia wound up losing their own regionalities and histories and became homogeneous to each other.


THOMAS LAU & ANDREW MEAD – High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section)
The 26-km long Hong Kong Section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail (High Speed Rail, or HSR) runs from West Kowloon in Hong Kong to the boundary of Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It operates at speed of maximum 200km/h.


PAUL PRIESTMAN – Design, mobility and positive impact
Design is instrumental in creating a better future. In this presentation, Priestman will talk about the importance of integrating design in the development of all new products and services at a time of continued social, economic and environmental challenges; and explore the value of design to affect change in consumer behaviour for lasting positive impact. He will also focus on one of his main areas of design – congestion in cities – and present ways we can encourage people to use mass transit over personal vehicle, as well as the link between mobility and health.


BEN VAN BERKEL – UNStudio and Choreographing Architecture for Hong Kong

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Naeem Hussain

Arup Fellow / Director / Global Bridge Leader ∙ Arup ∙ HK

Toyo Ito

Architect ∙ Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects ∙ Japan

Thomas Lau

Design Manager-HSR ∙ MTR Corporation Limited ∙ HK

Ian McDougall

Founding Director ∙ ARM Architecture ∙ Melbourne

Andrew Mead

Chief Architect (ARBUK) ∙ MTR Corporation Limited ∙ HK

Paul Priestman

Designer, Co-founder and Chairman ∙ PriestmanGoode ∙ UK

Ben van Berkel

Founder / Principal Architect ∙ UNStudio ∙ The Netherlands


Patrick Bruce

Founding Director ∙ The Oval Partnership Ltd. ∙ HK

Martha Thorne

Executive Director, Pritzker Architecture Prize ∙ Dean, IE School of Architecture and Design ∙ US/Spain