DEC 3-8, 2018




Product & Technology


Dec 07


VENUE: Theatre 1

Theme and Topic

SEBASTIAN CONRAN – Engineering Experiennce


SONNY TILDERS – Creature Technology Co. – Making Monsters

An insight into one of the worlds largest and most sophisticated puppet design workshops – Creature Technology Co. Sonny will step through the company’s history and unique body of work looking at some of the challenges particular to making complex, lifelike and dynamic animatronic creatures. Over its 12 years the company has taken its early very instinctive approachs to design and tryed to turn them into a set of hallmark strengths. And whilst satisfying the demands of the commisioning client is one thing, in the end its the live audiences around the world seeing Creature Technology Co’s work that have the final say.


REX SHAM – Developing A.I. Solutions for Boring but Critical Tasks

In this presentation, the speaker will talk about the development of a Fully Autonomous Wildfire Detection Robot that can detect early stage Wildfires that are 20km away. This life-saving equipment can alert the fire department at a very early stage so that they can mitigate the risk before it grows into a disaster. Changing a traditional industry that is thousands of years old is not easy, especially when the whole team of engineers virtually do not know anything about wildfire. The speaker will talk about how the R&D team learn quickly and developed the world’s first fully autonomous wildfire detection robot that has already been safe-guarding the forests of 43 cities over the world.

A new addition to the system, is a fully autonomous drone that can scan large rural areas and help to find surface water, vegetation cover and monitor the health of trees. The speaker will talk about how different ideas come together through a managed trial-and-error approach and how they solve these world class problems with a small R&D team.


AUREL AEBI – Creative Process of atelier oï

Creative Process of atelier oï, human-centred Design and Architecture, Agile Development, Scale Micro-Macro, Transdisciplinarity, Savoir-Faire, Sustainability, Sensory Perception, Storytexture, Product Technology


ARTHUR HUANG – Trash Got To Be Sexy

Trash Innovation To Power Creativity.


LEAH HEISS – Humanising Wearable Health Technologies

Through this presentation Leah Heiss will question how we can humanise our wearable health technologies through collaboration and human centred design. Humanising wearable health technologies is about creating technologies that resonate with people on an emotional level but that also function medically and technically. Leah will discuss her four approaches to humanising wearable health technologies. These approaches have informed the development of many of her projects over the past decade, including the design of Facett for Bamey Saunders hears; the Smart Heart cardiac monitor necklace; and Diabetes Jewellery with NanoVic. These four interlinked approaches are firstly, seeking precedents outside the field in order to disassociate wearable health tech from existing languages of disability or impairment; secondly, giving design a seat at the table for the duration of technology development; thirdly, engaging with the emotional experience of technology users throughout the design process; and finally, use the power of prototyping to continually iterate towards better project outcomes.

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Aurel Aebi

Co-founder ∙ atelier oï ∙ Switzerland

Sebastian Conran

CEO ∙ Sebastian Conran Associates; Consequential Robotics ∙ UK

Leah Heiss

Designer & Researcher ∙ RMIT University ∙ Melbourne

Arthur Huang

Founder & CEO ∙ Miniwiz Co., Ltd. ∙ Taiwan

Rex Sham

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer ∙ Insight Robotics ∙ HK

Sonny Tilders

Creative Director & CEO ∙ Creature Technology Co. ∙ Melbourne


Lorraine Justice

Dean Emerita & Professor of Industrial Design ∙ Rochester Institute of Technology ∙ US