DEC 3-8, 2018


Sonny Tilders

Creative Director & CEO ∙ Creature Technology Co. ∙ Melbourne

Sonny Tilders’s career has spanned some 25 years in which he has designed and built creatures and contraptions, models and special effects for the film and theatrical industries.


In 2006 Tilders led the creature design and build team for Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular. Sixteen life-size animated dinosaurs were created to a level of realism and sophistication of movement never before seen in live theatre. Following the international success of the show, Creature Technology Co. was formed of which Tilders is CEO and Creative Director. Tilders’ team produced creatures for the arena spectacular of DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon and a 1.1 tonne, 20 foot tall puppet for King Kong the Musical coming to Broadway in 2018.


From its theatrical roots Creature Technology Co. has evolved and expanded over its first 12 years, bringing its technologically advanced animatronic creature and puppet design to a variety of entertainment fields. In 2014 Creature Technology Co. successfully designed and built 3 giant animatronic mascots for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics, witnessed by billions. More recently the company has commenced a significant collaboration with Universal Creative to bring their remarkable creations to theme parks around the world.

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© Olympic Mascots by Creature Technology Co. rehearsing in Sochi, 2014. Photographer: CTC
© King Kong Live on Stage in the Regent Theatre Melbourne, 2013. Photographer: James Morgan
© Nightmare by Creature Technology Co. in How To Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular, currently on in Beijing. Photographer: Jeff Busby
© Creature Technology Co. staff work on King Kong. Photographer: James Morgan
© Eye of the Allosaurus by Creature Technology Co. Photographer: Niklas Passmann
© Utahraptors by Creature Technology Co. in Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular. Photographer: David Scheinmann

Rex Sham

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer ∙ Insight Robotics ∙ HK


Leah Heiss

Designer & Researcher ∙ RMIT University ∙ Melbourne


Aurel Aebi

Co-founder ∙ atelier oï ∙ Switzerland


Arthur Huang

Founder & CEO ∙ Miniwiz Co., Ltd. ∙ Taiwan