DEC 3-8, 2018


Kevin Leung

Director ∙ BEYORG ∙ HK

Kevin Leung is responsible for strategic business development at Beyorg, and is a key proponent of our organic philosophy. Before he began his Beyorg journey, Leung had held senior positions in corporates and financial institutions in Hong Kong for over 30 years. When Beyorg began life 14 years ago in Hong Kong, organic beauty care was a very new and foreign concept, despite the fact that it was already well developed in European countries such as Germany and Austria. Few in Hong Kong knew what organic beauty care really meant. Even fewer realised that they may have been unwittingly applying harmful chemicals onto their bodies everyday. And some have been using ‘green washed’ products without realising that they were largely chemically made but in disguise. Beyorg saw it its mission to change that, and to bring in the best and the most authentic organic skin, hair care and treatments for women and men of all ages, children and babies, mums and pregnant women. 14 years after Beyorg first started, Beyorg team is pleased to see the efforts are beginning to pay off. Consumers in Hong Kong and China are starting to appreciate and embrace a truly chemical free and natural life style. Along the way, Beyorg has established itself as the leading purveyor of organic beauty products in HK. This however is just the beginning. Consumer acceptance is still at an early stage. Beyorg eagerly look forward to the day when we can connect with a wider audience in this part of the world.

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Michael Wang, RA, AIA

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