DEC 3-8, 2018




Digital & Design


Dec 07


VENUE: Theatre 2

Themes and Topics

ANTHONY REED – Where Have All the Humans Gone?

In September 2013 Tony Reed established The Arcade, a collaborative workspace created exclusively for game developers. The Arcade is now internationally recognised and the model is being emulated in Australia and overseas, but before The Arcade ever opened its doors some important questions had to be asked that were not only relevant to the space but to the digital technology industries in general. For both creators and consumers technology provides solutions, but does that come at a human cost? As we increasingly embrace technology at work and at home, are we at risk of losing touch with our colleagues and are our consumers becoming points of data? Does it even matter? Collaboration and community are strong words, but are they now so overused perhaps their true meaning has been lost? This talk explores the ever-increasing importance of trust relationships with colleagues and consumers, and the strategies that can be implemented to achieve them. It is a reminder of the importance of human contact and recognition.


KEN WONG – Mobile games as artistic expression: from Monument Valley to Florence

In the short time that modern mobile games have emerged, they have demonstrated immense potential for creating unique user experiences and artistic expression. Ken Wong talks about his Apple Design Award winning games Monument Valley and Florence and how they were able to break new ground.


MICHAEL STODDART – Outside the rectangle – the transformative possibilities of digital experience design
Adobe has been at the service of design since it first became digital – even though for traditional output. Digital tools expanded the ability of designers to broaden their creative output, and implemented a transformative period in design. With the rise of user centric service design for digital output, whilst the toolset has broadened some argue the delivery has narrowed – to screens. What creative possibilities will become available for designing the whole digital experience?


KIM MÜLLER – The Business Value of Design

Design is a topic which has historically been believed in but the impact on business value has never been proven. Kim Müller talks about how business and human-centered design come together to achieve lasting improvements to business performance by addressing consumer needs. Further she will display recent evidence of the business value of design and concrete design actions that leaders can take to structure their next steps to improve performance.


SEB POOLE – Designing the future of exceptional shopping experiences

Omni-channel has been the buzzword for the past decade however installing an iPad into your store simply will not cut it. The future of exceptional customer experiences lies in the ability for retailers to leverage the benefits of both ‘offline’ and ‘online’ propositions and offer a unified, connectivity-focused shopping experience.


GEORGIO MOSIS – HealthTech and the need for Experience Design
At the intersection of Health, Insurance and Trechnology, there is a sweet spot to bring innovation to those who need it the most. At this center is the patients or customer and that begs for a customer centric approach. From experirience and testimonials, it is known that this is easier said than done. Customer centric HealthTech is a complex ecosystem with many stakeholders that often are not aligned. This presentation will zoom into one of the critical success factors: experience design in an complex ecosystem.


GENE SOO – Human-centric design in getting someone from A to B

Apps are created to solve problems for people as opposed to simply provide a function. This is even more apparent in today’s world where technology is intertwined in all parts of daily lives and people are starting to take it for granted to be able to figure out an answer to basic questions such as “How do I get home?” or “How do I get to work?”. With a goal of “making cities usable”, Citymapper has been helping people around in 39 cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Melbourne, London, Paris and New York answer these questions through the use of open data and human-centric design. Join us in exploring how Citymapper approach the basic problem of helping people get home or to work and how they are turning the solution into a business.


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